About ManFook

About us

ManFook Jewellery was established in 1997, insisting on serving from the consumer’s perspective and giving back to each customer. With its unique contours, elegant designs, along with high quality natural raw materials and affordable prices, it has become one of Asia’s favourite jewelry brands.

ManFook Jewellery has adhered to their belief and stood firm in the Jewellery industry for more than 20 years. This achievement is all due to the elite staff involved.

The best team of insightful staff: They continuously develop the highest quality of Jewellery that the potential market hasn’t come into terms with yet, this allows customers to purchase products that has worth for value.
The most outstanding craftsmanship and highest technical team of staff: In order to provide customers with the most unique diamond Jewellery, ManFook Jewellery constantly develops exclusive and unique contours, simple yet elegant designs; along with high-end technology research and development, making ManFook Jewellery products stand above all competitors.
The most dedicated support team: In order to allow the front line staff to focus on caring for and satisfying customer’s needs, we have always provided comprehensive support package to the front line service team.
The most sincere and cordial front-line service team: We listen to the needs of our customers with humility, providing a comprehensive service with sincere and professional service attitude to bring customers unprecedented joy of shopping.
In addition, ManFook Jewellery has a number of professional certifications, and each certification is highly representative, which proves our level of professional service and strict quality control, so that customers can have more confidence in shopping with us.



Merit QTS Merchant Award


Top Performer 2016 on “Total Quality Service Regime”
10 Years Member of Hong Kong Retail Management Association


Consumer’s Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands


The Hong Kong Retail Management Association – Leadership Performance Award
The Hong Kong Retail Management Association – Best Company in Watch & Jewellery Industry


The Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme Accredited for 10 Consecutive Years
5 Consecutive Years Caring Company Logo


Member of Kowloon Pearls, Precious Stones, Jade, Gold and Silver Ornament Merchants Association
Hong Kong Q-Mark Schemes Service Award (The Only One Jewellery Brand)


Hong Kong Q-Mark Schemes Service Award
Consumer’s Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands
Caring Company Logo


Member of Hong Kong Retail Management Association
Hong Kong “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme Logo


“Quality Gold Mark” Logo
Member of The Hong Kong Jewellers and Goldsmiths Association
Member of Hong Kong Tourism Board
Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme Certificate
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